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Roving Reporter: Interviews with HHS Students

Page history last edited by Kara McMurray 11 years, 7 months ago


This is roving reporter Teresa reporting to base. I have before me the interviews of 3 innocent Hanford High School students, each going their own seperate ways when suddenly I appeared, armed with imposing college questions. Here are the interviews now: 


How many colleges do you plan on applying to?


Nicole Bennett (Junior) – “Um actually only one because I am going to transfer from CBC where i am doing running start to WSU Tri-cities”


Nakiya Belford (Junior) – “10 at least.”


Aleana Saldana (Sophomore) – “As many as I can; maybe like 10?”


Are senior year grades important and relevant to admission?


Nicole Bennett – “I think that yes they are, because even if you have had great grades in the past, if you slack off senior year it makes it seem like you wont really try all that hard in college.”


Nakiya Belford  - “Very. I’ve heard of seniors losing their admission from senioritis.”


Aleana Saldana – “Yes.” 


What material is required for college admission?


Nicole Bennett  - “Um, an SAT score, high school diploma, and transcript and you have to fill out applications which usually require you to right some sort of paper, and I’m not really sure.”


Nakiya Belford  - “An application, usually an essay, an annoying fee.”


Aleana Saldana – “No comment.”


Do you know what early decision and early action programs are?


Nicole Bennett  - “No.” 


Nakiya Belford  - “Yes.”


Aleana Saldana – “It’s for early acceptance right? It makes you more likely to attend that school.”



Do I have a better chance if I apply early?


Nicole Bennett  - “Yes i think.”


Nakiya Belford  - “I don't know for sure, but i would imagine you would. Waiting unil the last moment certainly isn't a good idea.”


Aleana Saldana - “I guess it just depends on the school.”  


What does it mean to be deferred?


Nicole Bennett  - “It means that you are not accepted right now but they may finish looking at your file later on or something.”


Nakiya Belford  - “It’s kind of like being wait-listed. They won’t make a decision until the get all the applications. I think.” 


Aleana Saldana – “To be put off ?”



How much time should I give my teachers to write letters of recommendation?


Nicole Bennett  - “Like a month.”


Nakiya Belford  - “At least a month i would think.”


Aleana Saldana – “A week.”


Does my SAT score carry more or less weight than GPA when it comes to college admission?


Nicole Bennett  - “About the same it think.”


Nakiya Belford  - “Well i think the GPA measures how hard you work and the SAT measures what so know so its definitely a combination.”


Aleana Saldana – “GPA.”



T ~ Thank you to all the participants who took the time out of their lives to answer these college questions. 


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Comments (1)

A-VO! said

at 11:17 pm on Jun 7, 2010

Although this is really helpful, in seeing how other juniors/sophomores are dealing with their upcoming college decisions, it would be great to also see seniors (soon to be college freshman) answer the questions because they might have more insight, having already completed the process.

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