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AP Guide to College

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Your Mom Goes 2 College:


An AP Guide to College






Welcome. This Wiki was developed by Mrs. Belgard's AP Language and Composition classes at Hanford High School in Richland, WA. The purpose of this site is to inform students, parents and teachers about college planning, applications and the decision-making processes. This is a central location where our students can easily update the website's contents.

Original creation: June, 2009.

This page was last edited June, 2010 


  1. Important Decisions
  2. Most Important Factors
  3. Pros and Cons of Residence Halls
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Advice
  6. Everything You Wanted to Know About Writing a College Application Essay
  7. Teacher Recommendations
  8. Colleges- How Many Should I Apply To
  9. Timeline
  10. Scholarships
  11. Writing the Application
  12. HHS Policy
  13. Clueing in Your Parents
  14. FAQ
  15. College Students- What They Can Tell Us
  16. Links For College
  17. Pros and Cons of Waiting Before College 
  18. Picking Your Roommate   
  19. The College Project 
  20. Roving Reporter: Interviews with HHS Students   








Comments (10)

Joe Clements said

at 10:44 pm on Jun 3, 2009

To get to the editing you need to be approved by one of the Admins: Mrs. Belgard, Jack, Ms. Mcmurry and me ( Joe) can all do that. so you submit for approval by pressing edit and then contact one of us to get you set. - Joe Clements

ncbriggs@clearwire.net said

at 3:54 pm on May 17, 2010

I like the links to college sites and the essay section, but I think more detailed interviews are needed. Some of them seem a little too general.

Philip Ellefson said

at 6:28 pm on May 17, 2010

I think the FAQ section is pretty informative.

Kristine Popielarczyk said

at 9:48 pm on May 17, 2010

I didn't understand why the Teacher Recomendations section was blank, but the pros and cons of residence halls were helpful.

Kyndra Sisayaket said

at 12:22 pm on May 18, 2010

I say we need to have a Teacher Recommendations section. I don't like it blank.

fetusblaster2000 said

at 4:25 pm on May 18, 2010

The links to powerpoints and collegeboard.com are very helpful.

ybot1122@... said

at 1:45 pm on May 25, 2010


kayla hatchell said

at 4:26 pm on May 27, 2010

I would recommend that each page has a link back to the home page.
It would make this site easier to navigate.

Erick Holguin said

at 12:54 pm on Jun 6, 2010

If anyone was wondering why I edited almost everyone's page it's because I took the liberty and inserted a link back to the Front Page for almost all 18 subpages of the wiki so that it is easier to navigate.

Kyndra Sisayaket said

at 3:39 pm on Jun 7, 2010

I edited the sidebar so there is easy access to ALL of the main pages (the ones on the Home page) when you're looking on a page. That way, a person can jump from one topic to the next in an instant.

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