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Colleges-  How Many Should I Apply To

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How many schools should I apply to?


There are many different opinions on this question... 




Don't Procrastinate like this girl..... Get the real answers from the real professionals: AP Language Arts Students


A Good Rule to Go by is the 2-2-1 Rule     




2 Safe Schools: Schools that you know that you will get into.          

2 Match Schools: Schools that would probably accept you as well as satisfy you. 

1 Dream School: This is a school that you may be in love with, a school with angels looking over the students singing hymns of bliss, a school that you wish to go to, but may not accept you.


There are many different types of this rule, this is only one of them. (There is also a 2-3-3 Rule.)

**You can change this rule to fit the amount of schools you want to apply to, but remember to always keep at least two safe schools on your list.**

**Otherwise, you may add schools or decide not to apply at a dream school.**


Counselor's Advice


  1. Some counselor's recommend applying to only 5 colleges while others recommend up to 12.
  2. Ultimately it is YOUR choice, but do NOT overload yourself with work.
  3. Do not apply to a school that you know you will not enjoy attending-even if it is a 'safe school'. DUH.
  4. Starting with a longer list of schools is good but make sure to research all of the schools you are interested in before narrowing down your list. Try not to be partial towards one school until you have research all schools even though this may be very difficult.
  5. If you are planning on applying to more selective schools (i.e. Harvard, Yale, ect.) it may be better to apply to more schools; this should be including two 'safety schools' and at least two 'match schools'. 
  6.  For those who are really in a financial bind, the three-application method may work best. (One safe school, one match school, and one dream school) 

Websites That May Help


http://collegeapps.about.com/od/choosingacollege/f/HowManySchools.htm, About.com

http://www.collegeadmissionspartners.com/college-admissions-counseling/how-many-colleges-applications/, College Admissions Partners

http://www.cliffsnotes.com/Section/How-Many-Colleges-Should-You-Apply-To-.id-305414,articleId-114864.html, Cliffs Notes

http://www.collegeboard.com/student/apply/the-application/151680.html, CollegeBoard




Deciding on Which Schools to Apply to


 When you are applying to colleges, you should look at the Most Important Factors to help you make a decision based on your likes and dislikes:

  • Size
  • Public vs. Private
  • Environment
  • Location
  • Cost
  • Campus Life

Other importatn factors:

  • Scholarships
  • Facility
  • Ranking
  • Majors
  • ETC





                                                                                                                                            One must be,



                                                                                                                                                            and a Thinker...


                                                               WHEN DECIDING ON A SCHOOL



Information compiled by:

Joe Clements, Arielle Dreher, Maddie Eiden, Katherine Naulty,

 Hannah Bailey, Veda Varada, Cricket Louie

and Sarah Rassat, Stacy Kim











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Comments (10)

Sydney Bader said

at 5:04 pm on May 25, 2010

Very colorful! Informative and succinct. Although I'm not quite sure we would qualify as professionals...

Acacia Jeppson said

at 5:08 pm on May 25, 2010

Wow guys! Nice work! A lot of beneficial information, but not wordy. Good job!

jessi thompson said

at 9:30 pm on May 25, 2010

221 rule is good. Ten colleges seems like too many to apply to.

jessi thompson said

at 9:31 pm on May 25, 2010

221 rule is good. Ten colleges seems like too many to apply to.

Erick Holguin said

at 10:09 pm on May 25, 2010

Clear and concise. I feel very informed. However, I think it's not professional to include SNOOP DAWG as an editor if no editing was done by him. xD

Sarah Rassat said

at 10:55 pm on May 25, 2010

Pretty Colors :) I like the 221 rule but I do not know if I will be able to stick to it! There are too many options. :)

Hailey said

at 4:58 pm on May 26, 2010

What pleasant colors.

Halle Goodwin said

at 8:06 pm on May 26, 2010

LOVE THE COLORS! It's actually FUN to read! hahaha. I've been trying to remember this 221 thing all week. Definetly a great rule of thumb. Great job on the page!

Katie Johnson said

at 10:05 pm on May 31, 2010

I like how simple everything is yet informative. Also eye catching.

gagnonbka@... said

at 7:31 am on Jun 9, 2010

I like the colors that you added. The 221 rule is a good trick but I would feel more safe if I applied to more! But that is just me personally. Ha. College is a big step and you want to make sure you get into the one for you!

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